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New grading system for Perrysburg elementary schools

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Perrysburgparents won't see As and Bs on elementary students' report cards anymore.

Thedistrict created a new reporting system designed to provide more information onhow students are learning.

Thenew system will tell parents if a student has mastered the standard, isproficient, or is working toward the standard.

Reportcards will also be in more detail. Instead of just a ‘proficient' mark inEnglish, the cards will explain if a student needs more work in a certain area.

"Howdo we report to students how they're doing? How do students assess themselves?"asked Kadee Anstadt, Director of Teaching and Learning. "We know that studentsthat have a target can hit the target, they just need to know what it is."

Teacherswill also be using a new computer-based learning system called Schoology,giving parents easy access to detailed reports about how their child isprogressing.

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