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Findlay Elementary students get free fire detectors

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

In the last 6 years, the Findlay Fire Department has handed out 12,000 free smoke detectors, mostly to adults. Now, they're trying a new and different approach this fall.

This fall, during fire prevention week, the Findlay Fire Department is teaming up with the Hancock County Red Cross and Findlay City Schools for a program believed to be one of the first in the state of Ohio.

"We thought we'd get a smoke detector to every one of the kids in Findlay City Schools Elementary, K-5," said Jerry Greer from the Findlay Fire Department. "We thought we'd hit the ones that you know, it affects the most and that's the children."

Eight elementary schools in 4 days have received 3,000 smoke detectors. It's quite the challenge for the Findlay Fire Department but it is a challenge they are up for. It's called ‘Project Safe', smoke alarms for everyone, and there's both a short term and long term goal for the students involved.

"Our goal is, as they grow up, they're just going to assume that it's the right thing to do is to have smoke detectors in their house so when they have kids or they have grand-kids, it's just common nature to them to have a smoke detector," said Greer.

He is also hoping the impact is felt at home, after the kids get their smoke detector, their homework assignment is to get their parents to install it.

 "Nothing tugs more at your heart strings as a parent than your kids asking for some help," said Greer. "And when they're telling you that they want this smoke detector in their room because they want to be safe, and they want to be able to get out of a fire in the event that one happens at their house, I can't think of a better way of getting the parents on board with a program such as that."

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