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Wood County citizens’ police academy filling up fast

Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn
WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Every year, seats fill up for the Wood County citizens' police academy class.

The sheriff's office offers the class once a year. Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says the class is not only educational, but fun, as well, and that's why it's been a success.

 "It's a great opportunity for people from the community to learn about our sheriff's office and what it does, and it's a great opportunity for me and my deputies to get to know more people in the community," the sheriff said.

The class is open to anyone and everyone, and it has filled up every year since Sheriff Wasylyshyn has been with the office.

"We've had participants from prior years say, ‘Hey, can we do it again?' and that's a great sign, when we have a significant number saying ‘We would like to do the whole nine weeks all over again, we've had such a good time doing it,'" Wasylyshyn said.

The sheriff says it's because of the hands-on experience.

"Like the ride-along, like the shooting of the guns, seeing hands-on how the detectives gather evidence, and the hands-on tour of the jail," he said.

Participants also learn how to be good witnesses and when to call law enforcement.

"You need to be sure to call 911 when you hear breaking glass in the middle of the night, or when you see a vehicle backed up to a neighbor's house and you know they're either on vacation or at work and you think it's kind of odd that there's a vehicle there doing repair work," the sheriff said.

Classes start September 12, and there are only three spots left. To register, visit the sheriff's website.

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