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Call 11 for Action: Riders missing the bus due to tall grass

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Grass and weeds at a Toledo bus stop were preventing some people from catching the bus!

At Dorr and Fairlawn, the grass was about six feet tall. People trying to catch a bus say the grass was so tall, bus drivers can't see them waiting at the stop, and drive right past them.

"A lot of people in Toledo don't have cars, so we count on the buses to get us where we need to go," said Taurean Smith. "But if we have problems like this on the bus stop, how are we going to get to where we need to go?"

Toledo News Now's cameras were rolling as 22-year-old Smith sat at the bus stop. Just as he predicted, the driver didn't see him and he missed the bus.

"I could have been going to work and I would have been late," Smith said. "I could have had an appointment and I would have been late. And that's causing me to lose money and killing anything I had to do."

Smith admits if he was standing instead of sitting on the bench, he would have been seen, but he says this problem affects other people, as well.

"Usually I would have stood up and they would have seen me," he said. "But someone in their 60s or 70s – they're not going to stand up for the bus."

He says not only do the tall weeds serve as an inconvenience, but also a danger.

"I love my life, and sometimes I would like to see things coming toward me [rather] than being blinded by these bushes," he said.

Smith believes the city should be held accountable for the problem.

"If we got bushes this tall and big at the bus stop, and the bus drivers can't see us, we got to point the finger somewhere," he said. "We can't point it at us or the bus driver."

A call to the city confirmed that the land at the bus stop is the city's property. Officials say they didn't have a record of this complaint on file, but the grass was quickly cut after the call. Officials say if residents have a problem like this, they should contact City Hall at 419-936-2020.

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