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$1.6M project could relieve flooding issues for Toledo residents

Residents in this west Toledo neighborhood say flooding is a major issue every year. Residents in this west Toledo neighborhood say flooding is a major issue every year.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Jerry Grahn has been living in his home along Nebraska Avenue for the past 17 years. He says it's not unusual for his backyard to become a temporary swamp a few times each year.

"The ditch out here floods right away, but my backyard - after a good solid rain - will get 2, 3 inches deep," said Grahn.

Officials with the city of Toledo want to solve problematic storm water drainage near Hill Avenue and Rochelle Road.

A $1.6 million project would expand the capacity of enclosed and open sections of Mayer Ditch to provide surface flooding relief. That proposal is waiting for approval by City Council.

Fred Dinse lives in a home along Rochelle Road, where the ditch runs right in front of his property. He says his street can look more like a river when the storm water runs over.

"It floods back, 2, 3-foot deep. When you drive through the water, it pushes water to the home next door and their cellar floods," explained Dinse. 

While Dinse is a bit skeptical about the project being a success, Grahn is hoping the city will achieve its goal of removing properties from the floodplain map.

"I have to pay flood insurance. It changes every couple of years. It's gone up constantly since we've been here," said Grahn. 

Funding for the proposal comes from a $500,000 state grant and $1.1 million from the city's storm water utility improvement fund.

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