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Downtown Adrian leaders connect on Facebook

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

Downtowndevelopment leaders in Adrian are using social media in an effort to increase communicationwith the public and improve their community.

They'reusing Facebook to get input from the community on the types of businesses theywant to see fill the empty buildings. Those responses will be used as DowntownDevelopment Authority (DDA) leaders work with local entrepreneurs and thosethinking about bringing their business to Adrian.

"Ifthe community doesn't buy into it, if they don't see the value in what we'vedone or what we've brought, it's not going to be sustainable," said ChrisMiller, of the DDA.

Residentsin the area agree.

"Ithink it's very important, because if they're not in touch with the people andwhat the people want, I think they have less of a chance of their business, orwhatever they bring in, succeeding," said Jennifer Durell.

Sofar, the DowntownAdrian Facebook page has more than 1,000 likes, and dozens of comments frompeople who want to get involved.

"It'slike teamwork. We're all working together," said Victoria Horn.

"Youcan sit in an office and look at things and think about things and go, ‘Yeah,this works. This doesn't work.' But when you get immediate feedback from asignificant number of folks who are paying attention, that's really cool,"Miller said.

Sofar, a grocery store and bakery are the top things people want to see downtown.

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