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Eight new cameras installed along river front

(WMC-TV) - New cameras were installed along the riverfront as part of a port grant, giving police extra eyes on the streets to keep you and your family safe.

As artist Chas Culp sketched a picture in Harbor Town on Mud Island, he did not know that someone else was capturing his picture at the park.

On Auction Bridge you will find two cameras. Five more are on President's Island, and another one can be found on Riverside Drive.

The more eyes police have, the safer they say the area can be.

"I feel like with new technologies they're always gonna find new ways to make people feel safer," said Culp. "There's just a fine line, that's it. It can protect people, but it can also be used against them."

Memphis Police Department says a few more cameras are scheduled to be installed on President's Island and the future walkway on the old bridge. Cameras are already installed at various locations across the city, including South Main, just blocks from the where a man was murdered two weeks ago.

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