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Does it Work: The Air Curler

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Haveyou seen ads for the Air Curler? It's a bizarre bucket-like contraption thatclips onto your hair dryer to give you curls without the curling iron.

Weput it to the test with this week's Does it Work? test.

CathyHauptman, like many busy moms, doesn't always have an extra 20 minutes to curlher hair. So she gave the Air Curler a try.

Accordingto the ad, the Air Curler spins your hair into loose curls. But how can it workwithout leaving your hair a tangled mess?

"Itlooks like a big wind tunnel that my hair's just going to get all tangled upin, but we'll see," Cathy said.

Thedirections say your hair should be clean, with your roots dry but the ends ofyour hair damp. Cathy ran some water through her hair. The box includes an air nozzleand bowl, and a universal attachment to clip it on to your hair dryer. You cancontrol the direction of the curl by flipping the air nozzle.

Thedirections say 10-15 seconds of heat, followed by 10-20 seconds of cool air toset the style.

Thebucket creates a cortex, kind of like a cotton candy machine. Cathy tried itusing different amounts of hair, and found bigger sections seemed to workbetter.

"Youcan leave it, or you can separate the hair to make it blend a little bit, soyou don't have big chunks of curl," she said.

TheAir Curler fell off the dryer a couple times when Cathy first started, but shefigured it out eventually.

Shewas so excited about the product, she went home and tried it on her 6-year-olddaughter Anna. Cathy said it's definitely easier to use on someone else.

"Itcould definitely cut down on time, and it also gives you just a more naturalcurled look, I think," Cathy said. "I think I would give it a B or a B+, justbecause there is a learning curve and I would need to figure it out a little,but I think the result is good."

TheAir Curler blew us away with a B+ in this Does it Work? test!

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