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Big Brother installed at local park due to safety concerns

Jefferson Park Jefferson Park

From pickup basketball games, to some fun in the playground or a tennis match under the lights -- Jefferson Park offers a range of options on a pleasant summer evening.

Its also is one of the places in this neighborhood where a camera will be installed.

Some residents there are expressing concerns about safety in the park and the camera will be another tool for police.

"The main concern I have here is the overall safety," said one neighborhood resident.

But there are some concerns about what's happening in the park after dark. About 40 local residents met with police, politicians and park's officials to talk about safety.

Councilman Martin Sweeney said 11 security cameras will be installed around his ward.

"I just believe it's going to be an opportunity to get a little more presence. Get the bad guys thinking about it before they do something and if they think about doing something stupid, we're going to be able to get 'em," said Councilman Martin Sweeney. 

Paul Vasko has been living in this neighborhood since 1998 and says some of his neighbors are overreacting.

"I come here four days a week to walk my dogs and I see no problems at all.  There are some people that seem to have some issues with the basketball hoops here and I don't see it as a problem," said Paul Vasko.

Councilman Sweeney, who lives by the park, likes what he sees from his porch.

"You look out and you see the city of Cleveland having a good time whatever flavor it is. Flying a kite, playing hoops, swinging on swings, walking around, reading a book.  It's a great place to be," added Councilman Sweeney.

Those 11 cameras being installed at this park and around the ward are scheduled to be up and running by late September or early October. 

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