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Can Zack Reed legally run for councilman again?

Zack Reed convicted of third DUI Zack Reed convicted of third DUI

The conviction of Zack Reed answers one question.  He was drunk when he was stopped by police early in the morning of March 5, but it raises many new questions.

"Again, I'm in this position and I put myself in this position," Reed said during his on-air interview with 19 Action News Tuesday.

And one of the positions he's in concerns if someone in jail can run for office.

State law says Reed can face from 10 days to six months behind bars. 

It's up to the judge.  It is a slam dunk,  if Reed misses ten meetings council can expel him. 

But, it appears there is nothing to keep him off the ballot. 

Not at the Board of Elections, the Secretary of State's office, the Prosecutors Office, or in City Council rules --19 Action News checked with all offices. 

And, Reed is adamant about staying on council.

"I been knocking on doors for 4 years we will continue to knock on doors," Reed said.

While Reed is popular, as witnessed by his reelection after a previous arrest, has he let his residents down for the last time?

"Have you let them down," 19 Action News reporter Paul Orlousky asked Reed.

"Oh, yes I've let my constituents down, I've let my family down, I've let my colleagues down, I've let my God down. You know, I made a big mistake and I gotta live through that mistake," Reed said.

Reed is saying all the right things, but he has said them before.

"The number one thing people say to me is, when is this guy gonna get it.  One chance, two chances, three chances do you get it now.  I think it's a problem with alcohol.  It's a problem with alcohol. It's an addiction that I have.  I just gotta keep working on that addiction day-by-day."

Bottom line if you're a voter, a city resident and not a felon you can run.

As an aside, City Council President Martin Sweeney has renewed his previous call for Reed to resign.   

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