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Social media training for Oregon parents

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Oregon Police Department will soon offer social media training for any parent who wants it.

They have an expert, Detective Janet Zale, who will show the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter and other social media.

While many younger parents know how to navigate those sites, many others do not. The training gives them a chance to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online and help them if they're being bullied or harassed by someone they don't know.

Parents can also learn about the parental controls that are built into these sites to protect their kids.

Police don't want parents to underestimate how serious attacks on social media, can be.

"And of course that causes a lot of heartache for some of the kids, and kids are still a little hesitant about going to their parents or going to other people with that message," said Assistant Police Chief Paul Magdish. "So we're trying to get parents to be proactive so that they can prevent it in the first place. But if they can't prevent it, they can at least recognize it and deal with it."

Oregon Police will set up an event in the next few weeks, where parents can get trained. They are also willing to do individual sessions if needed.

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