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Browns fans not the most loyal? Absurd...

Cleveland (WOIO) - There was a study recently conducted at Emory University in Atlanta that supposedly proves that Cleveland Browns fans are among the least loyal in the NFL. Specifically, that there are 19 other fan bases more loyal than Browns fans, based on criteria such as win-loss records, area population and median income. Now, I'm not sure how exactly they crunched the numbers, but let's take those three criteria I just listed, and prove how laughable these results are.

Win-loss record. This alone should prove exactly how loyal Browns fans are. They've endured decades of bad football, in brutal weather, and yet keep showing up, game after game.

Area population. It's been decimated in Northeast Ohio, and unlike some markets, like Denver (12th on the list), have nowhere to draw from. There's another NFL team two hours east, two hours west, and four hours south. North? A lake, and then the CFL.

Median income. The median income in Cleveland is under $50,000, and while this has affected support of other teams in town (see: Indians), it hasn't affected support of the Browns.

In other words, these criteria should actually support the case for Browns fans, not lessen it. And when you see some of the fan bases ranked above Cleveland, well, all you can do is shake your head. New England? I'm from Massachusetts, and let me tell you something. Once Tom Brady walks out that door, the Patriots may fall back to # 3 in that market, which is traditionally a baseball and hockey town.

The Jets (3rd) two spots higher than the Giants (5th)? Ridiculous.

The San Diego Chargers (11th), three spots higher than the Green Bay Packers (14th)? Please.

The Dallas Cowboys are ranked # 1. Can't argue that, in a football crazy state. But the Browns (20th), Steelers (9th), and Bears (7th) should all be Top 5. I don't need a marketing analytics program to tell me that.

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