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LaRosa's gives 190k pizzas away to Reds fans

There likely will soon be a 20-game winner at the Cincinnati Reds' ballpark: pizza-loving fans. 

A local restaurant chain's promotion tied to opponent strikeouts has seen Reds pitchers hitting the winning total of 11 whiffs in 19 home games so far this season.

LaRosa's Pizzerias has redeemed game tickets for 190,000 free pizzas, with nearly two dozen home games left. That's at least a half-million dollars' worth of pizza. 

Pete Buscani is the privately held company's executive vice president for marketing.

He tells The Associated Press most of the chain's franchise operators agree that the promotion has been a success, despite the higher-than-expected giveaway total. He says customers come in smiling, and often order other items. 

Based on past seasons, LaRosa's expected 13 free-pizza games.

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