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Toledo may apply for state loan to reconfigure streets near interchange

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

With more work on the horizon to overhaul the Interstate 75/Interstate 475 interchange in Toledo, the city is planning for major changes, including for several streets in that area.

A measure before City Council calls for the city to apply for a $3.5 million state loan to reconfigure the "thousand islands" area where Cherry, Manhattan, Berdan and Collingwood all come together, plus reconfigure portions of Berdan, Haverhill, Phillips, Manhattan, Cherry and Jeep Parkway. The next phase for the Ohio Department of Transportation's 75/475 project involves closing the ramps at Berdan and having new ramps at Willys Parkway only for access to I-75.

Toledo Engineering Services Commissioner Robin Whitney says if approved, the loan will supply the city's contribution for the $14.5 million project to improve city streets near the highway interchange.

"We have a solution along there that will open up those areas, improve the flow, basically react to what ODOT's project is doing at Berdan, so we can have access to those areas. This will include roundabouts in the city of Toledo," said Whitney.

The plan is for the city to pay off the loan through future capital improvement funding.

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