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Hopewell Louden students/community tour new school building

BASCOMB, OH (Toledo News Now) -

There's a new school opening to kick off the new school years in Bascomb: Hopewell Louden School.

Folks lined up Sunday to tour the new $29 million K-12 building.

"I think it's beautiful and wonderful and about time," said parent Paula Kirkpatrick, "the older school was really old."

The old school building was built in 1939.

It turns out that renovating the old school would have cost as much as building a new one. Officials thought it was a financial no-brainer.

"It's sad to look at it with the windows busted out. Sad but they're ready for it," said Ms. Kirkpatrick.

Financing was a 50/50 split between state money and taxpayer approved funding.

School leaders are proud to say the building was part of a community project.

"We had over 100 community members help us with different design aspects. We had local experts come in and talk to us about roofing. So it truly has been a community project," said superintendent Nicole Jiran.

There are two gyms in the new building.

Each classroom has interactive projectors and audio amplification systems.

Students are anxious to start the school year.

"I think it's amazing. It's really nice," said student Victoria Kirkpatrick.

Classmate Macy Breidenbach agreed.

"There's lots of color. Purple, green, yellow, orange," she said.

Hopewell Louden is a small rural district with only 900 students.

That's why it's economically efficient to keep the kids under one roof.

"You don't need two sets of custodial services, two sets of maintenance. Extra security, that sort of thing," said Ms. Jiran.

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