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Troubled bar opening under new name -- and secrecy

A 19 Action News investigation has found a troubled nightclub is reopening, even after it was boarded up. And city leaders didn't seem to know until we called asking about it.

We're talking about a place once known as the Gotcha Inn, at East 33 and Lakeside near downtown. Police closed it, but now a mysterious reopening.

We went inside with a camera rolling and saw things now getting fixed up.

Back in 2011. Cops boarded up the Gotcha Inn, and called it a nuisance.  

A manager got indicted for having a man dragged outside after he'd been shot and critically wounded, even with a cop at the door.

Police say they had evidence of drug sales at the bar and liquor violations. Plus, in 2008 police investigated a murder outside the club.

So what's going on?

"We'd heard the club would reopen under a new name this weekend," stated Reporter Ed Gallek.

 "I think that's the plan. Wait until the owner gets here," stated a man helping with renovations.

But we couldn't get straight answers from anyone.

We called the state. Incredibly, the Gotcha Inn still has a valid liquor license and the state has no record of transfer of ownership.

Councilman Joe Cimperman represents this area. But this was a surprise to him, and he's asking the city law department for answers. Same for the mayor's office.

We'll be following up, finding out what's really going on with the mysterious new opening.

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