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Jeff Fisher rips Kosar for TV comments, Browns respond

Bernie Kosar Bernie Kosar

St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher went public Saturday with his feelings on former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar's comments during their Thursday night preseason game. Kosar was working color commentary for the Browns during the 27-19 victory over Fisher's Rams.

Coach Fisher took offense to Kosar's criticism over the Rams wide receiver corps and third string quarterback Kellen Clemens.

After St. Louis Rams receiver Nick Johnson dropped a pass, Kosar stated that "This is actually not a bad throw.These St. Louis receivers are horrible. That's a drop there."

Kosar also commented on Clemens after being told a story about how the backup quarterback gave Pope Benedict XVI an autograph. "Bless me father for I have sinned. I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter".

Fisher commented that he was a "little disappointed, I feel bad for them that they had someone doing the broadcast who would feel the need to speak that way about players, specifically on our team."

Kosar also found time to talk about Rams receiver coach Ray Sherman commenting that he wasn't doing a very good job.

Clemens finished the day going 6 of 13 for 116 yards with two interceptions and one touchdown.

Fisher also commented " I'm just surprised that Bernie has such a lack of respect for players and for this game."

Sunday, the Browns issued the following statement from President Joe Banner:

"We don't condone the personal and unprofessional approach that Bernie took with some of his comments during the broadcast Thursday night. We've spoken to Bernie, he understands that, and we would expect the situation is resolved moving forward. We've also reached out to the Rams organization and have shared those same sentiments."

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