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Decision this week for future of Woodville Mall

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Cityofficials in Northwood call the vacant Woodville Mall an eyesore and a nuisanceto the community. They're hoping a court ruling this week will agree with themso they can move forward with bringing change to the location.

It'sbeen almost two years since the mall closed. All that's left is a Searsstore, cracked cement, and weeds growing out of the pavement. Officials saythat is not how they want Northwood represented.

"Eitherwe're asking that they rehab it, or that they tear it down," said CityAdministrator Bob Anderson.

Thewindows are boarded up, but that's not stopping people from breaking into thebuilding.

"There'sholes in the roof, there's water leaking in," Anderson said. "There is a lot ofwater damage inside. There is a lot of destruction from people, vandals thathave gotten in there, so it's in pretty bad shape."

Acourt hearing is scheduled Thursday with the property owner. The city will knowthen what can be done. Some residents say the property is in such bad shape,they just want to see it torn down.

"I'dlike to see it gone, first of all. Maybe some housing, maybe a park," saidStephanie Moore. "Woodville is nothing like Navarre now. Navarre is developingand Woodville is going down. This used to be like Navarre and Route 20, and nowit's gone."

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