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Law enforcement from across South pay respects to fallen officer

(WMC-TV) - Law enforcement officers from across the South lined up and down Mississippi Highway 51 to show respect for Sergeant Eric Lentz as he was laid to rest Friday.

"I've seen troopers from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky," said Trooper Joey Miller, Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Family and friends of Sgt. Lentz only had a couple of hours to say goodbye to the man that had been serving on the Mississippi Highway Patrol for nearly 20 years.

"To know him was to love him and being in a small town like Senatobia, we saw each other on a daily basis whether it was inadvertently or on purpose," said Miller.

The 47-year-old was memorialized in Senatobia, where he lived, worked, and died in a crash Tuesday.

Sgt. Lentz was riding his motorcycle off-duty when investigators say the driver of another car turned out in front of him.

"We're reminded, unfortunately, in sad situations, that we're not immune to that ourselves and like I said, it impacts the entire law enforcement community when one of us fall," added Miller.

Highway 51 was shut down for the precession and a helicopter flew over before Sgt. Lentz was buried.

Not only did Lentz have strangers come from far and wide, but Senatobia residents also packed spots near the cemetery to pay their final respects.

Sergeant Eric Lentz leaves behind a wife, daughter, and a young son.

Officers hope this tragedy will serve as a reminder for drivers and motorcyclists to always be aware of their surroundings.

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