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Simulator shows dangers of texting and driving

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You've been warned about the dangers of texting while driving, but how can you understand how it affects your reaction while behind the wheel? A simulator at the Wood County Fair is doing just that.

"We're seeing it, not only from the younger people, but we're also seeing it in the 20s, in the 30s, even in the 40s," said Lt. Jerrod Savidge with the Ohio State Highways Patrol.

Now many agencies are coming together to campaign against this dangerous activity.

"Nobody realizes that just one little look down, just for a second, somebody could run out in front of you, something can happen," said Safe Communities Coordinator Sandy Wiechman. "A car can pull out in front of you, a car would have to change lanes, and it's an accident waiting to happen."

Statistics show that 43 percent of teens admit to texting while driving, and 77 percent of them have seen their own parents text and drive. So the Wood County Fair offered a simulator so teens can experience texting and driving to gauge their reaction times.

"It's hard to multi-task," said Manny Carrillo, who tried out the simulator. "To do two things at one time, it's very difficult."

Lt. Savidge says drivers who are texting while driving often act like those who have been drinking or are falling asleep at the wheel.

"They're gradually going off the side of the road, they'll catch it, bring it back," he said. "When they get in trouble is when they go too far off the right side of the road and they bring it back too hard, overcorrect, and that's the type of crash we're seeing."

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