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Heavy rain causes mudslides in Pickens County


A Georgia Power lineman took cell phone video of a truck stuck in mud on Highway 136, when he and other crew members responded to down power lines on Burnt Mountain in Pickens County, Thursday.

"There was a truck that tried to cross over the landslide and he got stuck, blew out a tire, couldn't get out," said resident Clay Johnston. "They were just buried up in a pile of mud that come off the bank. It was over the hood of the truck."

That driver wasn't the only one who needed help.

"Then at the other overlook down Burnt Mountain, a guy had parked his car in the evening because of another landslide, and his car was flooded by water backing up over it," said Johnston.

Not far from Burnt Mountain, two men were trapped, after fast rising water washed the road and their truck away at Young Life's SharpTop Cove Camp.

The Forsyth County Swift Water Rescue Team saved the men.

The storm caused several mudslides along Hwy 136 on Burnt Mountain, that knocked down trees and power lines.

Jonathan Bowen and his crew worked swiftly to fix power poles, and restore electricity to nearby residents.

"There's a pole that fell, it didn't' actually break the pole, pretty much the ground washed away where the pole was, and it just fell on the ground," said Bowen.

Bowen said when power lines first fall they are still hot, extremely dangerous.

"If you see power lines down, stay away from them. You don't have to come in contact with them, in order to get electrocuted," Bowen said.

Crews with Georgia's Department Of Transportation brought in some heavy duty equipment to clear trees, and a lot of mud off the roadways.

It was about 14 feet thick, all the way across 24 feet of pavement on one section of Highway 136.

Officials said no one was injured.

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