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Oregon bike trail opens to public

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Oregon Bike Trail Project has been underway for over a decade, and now after the long wait the project is complete.

It's was a long awaited but anticipated ribbon cutting, marking the completion of the final portion of the Oregon parks bike trail. The trail was introduced to council back in 1998.

"It's great to have this done so we can move on to other projects and still enjoy what we have here before us," said Oregon Mayor Mike Seferian.

The trail is one of the area's longest cycling and leisure trails. It connects Pearson Metro Park, Oregon City Schools and Maumee Bay State Park. It's an 8 mile trail that's pretty special to Mayor Seferian.

"That was a dream years ago that I don't think people really thought could happen but the reality of it is it's something special," said Mayor Seferian.

Special because it's a one of a kind trail that can be used for more than exercise.

"It creates a beautiful connectivity so there is not only a physical thing but it also social," said Oregon Councilman Jim Seaman.

The 8 mile trail cost a total of $1.6 million dollars. State and federal dollars covered 80 percent of that cost. City and park leaders are encouraging all to come out and ride.

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