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Sheriff's office substation burned by arsonist

(WMC-TV) - Centennial Island is part of Tipton County, but it is actually closer to Osceola, Arkansas.

The Tipton County Sheriff's Office substation on Centennial Island is now a pile of metal thanks to the work of an arsonist. Investigators are looking for help from both states to solve the crime.

The substation on Centennial Island was a welcomed sight to residents when it opened in 2008.

"Oh its just wonderful," said resident Sissy Tipton.

Now, that substation is nothing but a pile of twisted, burned metal after someone set it on fire.

"They've burned down the substation to the Tipton County Sheriff's Office so we're not gonna take it lightly and we're not going away," said Chief Donna Turner with the Tipton County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators were alerted to the fire on July 23.

It has now been ruled an arson and investigators are looking for who burned it down.

"We do not know if it's the results of our law enforcement efforts we've made or it is targeted anger," Chief Turner added.

The substation is routinely used as a place where deputies conduct investigations, even sleep overnight during undercover operations.

Deputies say thefts and meth production have increased on Centennial Island since April.

Now, investigators hope residents of Arkansas and Tennessee will help them solve the crime.

"It's a tight group of people on the island so we will need someone to step up and help us," Turner said.

Investigators say they talked to several suspects in this case but have not made any arrests.

If you can help them find the arsonist, call the Tipton County Sheriff's Office at (901) 475-4300.

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