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Woman has warning about driveway repair business

(WMC-TV) - A Brighton woman is angry with the way a local company paved her driveway. After being offered a lifetime guarantee less than one year ago, Rebecca Graham's driveway is bubbling and weeds are popping up through the asphalt.

She says she would rather go back to the gravel driveway because the work was not worth the cost.

"Makes me think of what kind of fool I am," she said.

Graham says a father and son approached her at home twice, offering to pave her driveway.

Now, $3,600 later, she regrets allowing them to do the work.

"He just said he could do it. I asked him, 'When?' and he said, 'Today.' So, I let him do it," she explained.

Graham says the two were from a company called Pro Asphalt.

Owner Willie Granite signed and initialed the contract, saying the driveway would be guaranteed for life.

Now, it is starting to crack, buckle, and weeds are beginning to grow.

Graham says she is not able to get anyone to take her calls or fix the problems.

"I want him to either fix it or give my money back and not to it to anybody else. That's my main concern," she said.

Graham says this has been a costly lesson for her to learn.

"Get references. Somebody that people know before you have something done. Don't just let someone drive up and do something for you," she warned.

Action News 5 called the 800-number at the top of Graham's contract. It asked for a PIN number to continue the call. Additional calls made to Willie Granite, owner of Pro Asphalt, were not returned.

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