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Your Week in Viral Videos: Bad decisions and kids too young to know the difference

(Source: YouTube/Michael Romrell) (Source: YouTube/Michael Romrell)

(RNN) - Leave it to a toddler to remind you how much it stinks that no one is around when you want to play Monopoly or catch.

But when relief for one little girl comes in the form of a baby sibling, nothing in the world could bring her more joy.

Enjoy the euphoria while it lasts, kiddo, because in T-minus nine months a new star will hog the family camera.

Laziness is never rewarded

Once upon a time a frivolous, young chap hitched himself to the back of a motorbike in hopes of an easy ride to Neverland.

Spoiler alert: The only thing he can count on lasting for "ever after" is the scar on his forearm.

Laurel and Hardy would love this

Many people reading this probably don't remember the famous black and white comedy The Music Box, and baby Jemma definitely doesn't know about it - yet.

But one thing is for sure - she has a better time going down those now-famous stairs than Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy had trying to climb them.

And down he goes!

You could take the title of the following video one of two ways: a sarcastic slight at the bike-riding skills of redheads or a recommendation to ride something with more horsepower up a steep hill.

Maybe it's not that deep. It could just be a reminder not to let someone film you doing something challenging until you, oh let's say, become good at it.

Raccoon shot put

This is a multiple choice question in case a raccoon ever attacks your dog:

A. Remind yourself that you should have bought a bigger dog.

B. Run away in total fear and hope your dog's instincts kick in.

C. Raise the raccoon over your head and throw it as hard as you can.


Bachelor party prank (because they're the best)

Peter Griffin camel

Garbage orchestra

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