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Don't Waste Your Money: Discount flights often have hidden fees

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If you're looking for an airline ticket, it's tempting to grab the lowest price, but it's not always the bargain it seems.

Travelers Experience Sticker Shock

With the average airfare now more than $300, many travelers are suffering sticker shock when trying to book flights. As a result, they're turning to discount airlines, but those cheaper flights often come with hidden fees.

Discount airlines are sometimes half the price of Delta, United, and other main stream carriers. However, a new report on AOL Daily Finance says many of those savings are marginal at best, once you add in all the extra fees.

Hidden Fees Add Up, Reduce Discount

Take Spirit Airlines, for example: A carry-on bag is $35 if you pay in advance, but $50 at check-in. Plus, you'll pay $3 for a water once you're in flight.

Allegiant Air charges $15 for a carry-on.

Frontier Airlines is now $25 for a carry-on bag if you book through a third-party site. However, a bag is free if you use its website. You'll also pay $2 for coffee or coke on board.

Doesn't That Stink

From the doesn't that stink file comes the new trend of preferred seating on discount airlines. Want an aisle seat? It'll cost more. Exit row with extra leg room? That'll cost more, too. Interested in the first five rows for quick exiting? You'll also pay more for that.

Daily Finance says many super low fares on discount airlines are just "smoke and mirrors."

Bottom Line

When fare shopping, check for add-on fees so you get a true comparison. If you have to pay $50 or $100 for your bag, that big discount could disappear.

Check first so you don't waste your money.

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