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Does it Work: GripGo

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Ifyou use your cell phone in the car, you are not alone. While it's not illegalfor adult drivers to use a handheld device while driving, we decided to test aproduct that claims to help you put both hands back on the wheel: The GripGo –but does it work?

GripGopromises to cut down on distracted driving. Toledo News Now's crime beatreporter Nicole Collier agreed to grade GripGo.

"I'mprobably in my car like 75 percent of my work day," Nicole said. "The phone isa really important part of what we do because we always have to be incommunication with contacts for stories, or with the station when they'rewanting to know how we're doing, what's going on."

Itdidn't take long to get the GripGo out of the box and suctioned to thedashboard. The green gripping cradle is polymer, and your device peels rightoff without any sticky residue. After a few adjustments, Nicole was ready tostick on her phone and hit the road.

TheGripGo claims it can hold a smartphone out the window, but we wouldn'trecommend that.

"Thephone would fall off of the sticky part sometimes when I would be driving,which defeats the purpose, because you can't bend down and pick your phone upoff the ground," Nicole said.

Butthe kind of phone you have may make a difference.

"Ourstation phones are kind of bulky and a bit heavier," Nicole said. "But Ipersonally have an iPhone, and I think that would be a really good fit withthat product."

TheGripGo also works well with GPS.

"It'sgood because you don't have to keep looking down at your phone to see it,"Nicole said. "It's right there."

TheGripGo drives away with a passing grade in this test. Nicole gave it a B+.

"It'sa good product if you have the right phone to put in it," she said.

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