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A/C units stolen from day care center

(WMC-TV) - Orange Mound day care owner Delsie Payne says in her 30 years of taking care of kids, she has never seen criminals be so unconcerned.

Even though the children at Payne's Early Childhood Day Care on Kimball Avenue are sleeping soundly, she says she has not gotten much sleep at all.

"I was hurt.  More hurt than angry," she said.

Within one week, two of the three air conditioning units outside the day care were stolen.

"One was four ton, the other was three and a half ton. They're so hidden, I don't understand how anyone knew they were back there," Payne explained.

Delsie Payne has put a locked cage around her last outside unit.

She had to go out and buy six window units in an effort to keep her kids cool.

"Nobody considered the children. It's a child care center. They know we have children and they know we have kids here every day," she said.

Even though its a bit cooler outside now, last week was tough.

Payne says inside, temperatures reached above 90 degrees.

She says were forced to shift the children to cooler parts of the building.

Memphis police say AC theft is an ongoing problem during the summer.

Police advise putting locking devices on AC units to make them harder to steal.

"We have to take the window units out every night and try to lock them up because I'm afraid they'll steal them to," said Payne.

Memphis police say no arrests have been made in this particular case.

They also advise having a strong neighborhood watch program to prevent crimes like these from happening.

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