Apple Bundt Cake

Apple Bundt Cake 



3 ea    Apples, Granny Smith or Rome                                   

2 oz    Sugar, Granulated   

2 tsp.   ground cinnamon                                       


Cake Batter:

4-1/2 cups      Flour, cake 

3 cups             Sugar        

1- 1/2 tbsp      Baking powder  

1-1/2 tsp         Salt       

1-1/2 cups      Vegetable oil  

6                     Eggs          

1/2 cup           Apple juice (cider)   

1 Tbsp           Vanilla                                                                           




1 cups       Powdered sugar                                                            

1/2 tsp      Cinnamon, ground                                                           

1/3 cup     Heavy cream (not whipped)                                            

As needed Apple juice (or cider)                                                     




1. Peel, core, and slice apples.  Mix with sugar and cinnamon.


Cake batter:


1. Combine dry ingredients, blend well

2. Combine wet Ingredients, blend well. Combine wet with dry.  Mix just until combined.

3. Place half of the batter in the greased and floured bundt ring.  Place apple filling over the batter making sure it doesn’t touch sides of the ring.  (This will cause the cake to stick)

4. Top with rest of batter.  Smooth over.

5. Bake at 325 F for 60 - 70 min. Until springs back or tester comes out clean.

6. Cool and unmold.

7. Glaze: Combine powdered sugar, cinnamon, and blend in cream slowly.  With juice as necessary.  Glaze should run down sides of cake but not off.

8. Serve with ice cream