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Off-duty Toledo firefighter comes to aid of Arkansas couple

Carl and Wilma Hohn Carl and Wilma Hohn
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

An Arkansas man is alive because a Toledo firefighter who happened to be on vacation spotted him on a busy highway, near death, and stopped to help.

"I thought I had lost my husband," said Wilma Hohn. "And I wasn't sure for awhile that my life might be taken."

Carl and Wilma Hohn are high school sweethearts from Arkansas, who have been married for 56 years. They were on their way back from a trip to Michigan when things took an unexpected turn on I-75 south.

"My husband swerved a little bit," Wilma explained. "I looked over and he slumped over, and then our car hit the left banister."

Wilma yanked the keys from the ignition and says her husband turned blue and stopped breathing. She got out to find help and moments later, help showed up.

"We very much believe that God – his hand was taking care of us, and that Michael was our guardian angel," Wilma said.

Although Michael Fuelling was technically on vacation himself, he says his firefighter oath and his heart did the thinking and he pulled over.

"He actually had the heart attack while I was talking to him," Fuelling said of Carl. "He actually went unconscious while I was talking to him, and I started CPR on him immediately."

Fuelling's quick thinking got Carl's heart beating again. Then on-duty crews showed up and took Carl to the hospital, where he got a pacemaker, and a visit from his angel, Michael.

"We don't generally get to see the outcome," Fuelling said. "But I wanted to know the outcome, so it was an emotional time for all of us."

The Hohns says the City of Toledo should know what a protector and angel they have in Michael Fuelling.

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