WTOL 11 Special Report: Top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Toledo

WTOL 11 Special Report: Top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Toledo

(WTOL) - Crime is affecting some families in our area more than others, and now, a study of criminal activity in Toledo breaks it all down into specific neighborhoods.

Our special investigation covers where the worst areas are, how they influence the neighborhoods, and how quickly we could uncover the effects of that crime.

Neighborhoodscout.com reports that it has analyzed crime and used its own algorithms to map out neighborhoods in The Glass City with the most problems.

Numerous national media outlets like CBS, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal have used Neighbhoodscout.com in their own reports.  As we looked at the Site's data, several areas of Toledo stood out. The overall crime index for Toledo is 3.  100 is considered the safest.

As far as crimes per square mile, the national average is about 40.  In Ohio, it's 41.  Toledo stands at 231.

Your chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Toledo is 1 in 17. The site maps out these top 10 worst areas of Toledo for crime (in no particular order):

  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Western Ave/Curtis St.
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Monroe St. & N. Erie
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">N. Detroit Ave & Lagrange
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Buckeye St. & Champlain St.
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Lagrange & Water St.
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Air Line Junction (Nebraska & N. Detroit)
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Richards Rd. & Dorr St.
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Airport Hwy & S. Byrne Rd.
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">City Center (Bancroft & Robinwood area)
  • id="_mcePaste" style="text-align: left;">Langrange St./Moore

We wanted to see how easy it would be to find people in these neighborhoods who are affected by crime.  On our very first random stop, we found 10 year-old Dimitri Delgado. "I've seen a lot of crime," he told us while standing in front of his home on Delaware Street.

He told us crime is disturbing.

"A lot of people might get hurt around here...that's not good for people," Delgado told us in his soft voice. His dad, Tony Ben, has lived in Toledo his whole life.
"It's not safe to walk around at night no more," Ben told us. "When I was a child, you could walk across town without having to worry about two or three guys jumping you for no reason," he added.
20 minutes after that interview, on our second random stop, we found a woman afraid to show her face because she says drug users and dealers take advantage of the abandoned house next to hers and prostitutes turn tricks in the weeds.
"As soon as a car pull up, I seen you before you got out the car," the woman said. "Because as soon as a car pulls up, we jumped and look to see what's going to happen...see what's going to be taken," she explained.
By the way, her sidewalk was recently stolen.
"On the side of my house! Can you believe that?" she asked with shock in her voice. As we drove some of the highlighted neighborhoods in the Neighborhoodscout.com analysis, within 45 minutes of starting to cover this story we had gang signs thrown at us and some young men were not happy to see our camera.
Smiley face
"Man, get out of here with that sh*t!" shouted one man with a shirt pulled up over his face. Another man was much more serious.  "I'll shoot yo' a** in yo' face, b*tch!"
We found Keith Daugherty who we randomly stopped in the Dorr and Richards neighborhood.
"My truck was stolen out here," Daugherty said while pointing to road in front of his house.  
"(Police) found it on the east side about a month later...they took the wheels and stripped it all out," he added. Toledo Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan told us in the first half of 2013, crime rates are down across the city but he said there are traditional areas of crime in Toledo.
He told us Police Chief Derrick Diggs is using data driven policing to help address crime areas and even help predict where crime will happen.  And he has turned to electronics. "We've invested in technology and it's paying off," Sgt. Heffernan explained.
He went on to say a new video surveillance system has already helped decreased crime and the department has plans to add many more cameras.  
Plus, the department's push on social media with Facebook and Twitter has boosted information and assisted in fighting crime.  He told us the recent case of Timothy Bragg who's accused of rape got a million views on Facebook.  He's now behind bars.
"Most of the time how we solve these crimes is somebody sees something and gives us a call," Sgt. Heffernan told us. He said it will take all of us to improve our neighborhoods and help kids keep their minds off of crime.
Everyone we talked to about this story said when it comes to crime, the influences all start at home and families providing kids with positive programs. Toledo police have pointed to options for you including the "Brains and Body", Safety City, and Police Athletic League programs to help.
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