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3 big drug busts in Wood County in 5 days

Pounds of marijuana confiscated by officials. Pounds of marijuana confiscated by officials.
WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

There were three significant drug busts in Wood County in just a matter of five days.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has been busy seizing hundreds of pounds of marijuana worth millions of dollars.

Toledo News Now's Jonathan Walsh rode with one of the troopers involved in the drug busts and got an inside look at what's working in the fight against drugs, how they spot problems, and what it means to them when big-time drugs are out of the hands of big-time criminals.

On July16th, around 795 and I-75, troopers found $2,500 worth of marijuana.  On July 17th, again in Wood County, but this time they nabbed 907 pounds with a $4.1 million value.  Then on July 20th, it was a 33-pound bust on the turnpike in Wood County with a $150,000 value.

"That's what we're supposed to be doing, because it's out here every day," said Sgt. Scott Wyckhouse from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Wyckhouse was part of the 900-pound bust.  He couldn't give enough praise to the officers who stopped those who are now accused.

"Their experience is so in-depth and they're recognized as some of the best in the country.  Just to be there with them, to see that much drugs…It's the most I've ever seen," he said.

Sgt. Wyckhouse said it's that kind of experience that's helping, along with training, working together with other agencies, putting a focus on criminal patrols, and trusting their gut on traffic stops.

"Where they're going to, where they're coming from, and being able to pick up on what just isn't right, what isn't normal," he explained.

The drugs are eventually destroyed after the case clears.  A small amount is used for K-9 training.  Some of the cash they take is used as a slap in the face of dealers.

"We put more K-9 units on the roadway, whatever it is," said Wyckhouse.  "[The money gives] us better equipment so we can continue to fight [the drugs]."

But even with that kind of help and focus, Wyckhouse says U.S. law enforcement gets only about 5 percent of what's really out there.

"So, yeah, you feel like you make a difference, and it feels good to make a big bust or be part of a big bust, but the reality is we got a lot more work to do."

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