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Toledo man ran to aid of riders trapped on 'Shoot the Rapids'

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Toledo man Andrew Gomez says he was just walking by the Shoot the Rapids ride at the right time. He was the second person in the water to rescue riders last Friday when the Cedar Point ride malfunctioned.

"All of a sudden, we heard this loud ‘POP,' and we see the boat coming backwards down the lift hill," he said.

Gomez says when the boat rolled down the hill, the worst-case scenario played out. It flipped over, and the people on it were trapped underwater.

"I wasn't thinking at all, to be honest," he said. "My main concern was to try to help those people, you know. I couldn't imagine if it was my own family."

While people were screaming during those frantic moments, Gomez set his sights on a young girl who he says was underwater.

"I picked the boat up and at least got it up out of the water a little ways so [she] was at least above water," he explained. "She was trapped and scared and screaming, but at least she could breathe."

Gomez got bruises and scrapes on his right arm from picking up the boat, but he says he's just glad the little girl and the other six riders got out of the water and are okay. He credits other guests, who also ran to help, and he says you never know when you could be called upon to potentially save a life.

"I just went for it," he said. "That's what you should do. Just run, just go and do whatever you can do to help."

Cedar Point officials declined an interview on the latest in the investigation. The ride remains closed, under order by the state.

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