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Update: East Cleveland murder victims, suspect confronted


We now know the names of two of the three victims and we have gotten reports that accused killer Michael Madison admires serial killer Anthony Sowell.  Tuesday morning our Scott Taylor asked Madison if he was a fan of the Cleveland serial killer.

Taylor caught up to Michael Madison leaving the East Cleveland Police Department on his way to county lock up in downtown Cleveland.

"Anything to say to Anthony Sowell?  We hear you are a fan of his," stated reporter Scott Taylor.

Michael Madison stared at Taylor and said, "I'm a f***ing  fan of nobody."

Madison is accused of killing three women. We now know two of the three women's names. They were both discovered on Saturday. 35 year old Angela Deskins was found in the basement of an vacant house.  

Police also just named  28 year old Shetisha Sheeley who's body was found in a field.

"Shetisha was identified by fingerprints. Thank you for your efforts we were able to establish working with East Cleveland Police tentative id that we shared about tattoos yesterday that permitted comparison that ultimately led to her identification," said Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson.

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