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Electronic freeway signs will help Toledo drivers

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Polesare going up on freeways all across the metropolitan area that will soon holdsigns displaying critical information for drivers.

Theelectronic signs will tell drivers what roads to avoid and what to be on thelookout for. It's called the freeway management system. In addition to thesigns, there will be nearly 70 cameras mounted along major interstates by theend of next year.

Theyare already up and running in every major city in Ohio, except Toledo.

"It'sreally going to make a difference in the way we travel, and it's really goingto help northwest Ohio," said Theresa Pollick, spokesperson for the OhioDepartment of Transportation (ODOT).

Thesigns alert drivers about construction or accidents on the road, helping themeasily navigate what routes are the fastest to take. But the signs could alsosave lives.

"Incase there is an Amber Alert, it's going to help drivers see license plates onthe cars, so they will be able to know what's ahead of them, because thoselicense plates will be displayed, the descriptions will," Pollick said.

Andall the data from the cameras will be monitored from Columbus and posted onlineat Ohgo.com, so drivers can check traffic delaysand see real-time traffic from home.

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