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The Bynum Factor: How far can he take 'em?

Cleveland (WOIO) - No other team made a serious run against the Cavaliers for free agent center Andrew Bynum, and that makes sense. No other team has gone through what the Cavs have the past three years. They've gone from 19 wins, to 21, to 24. They needed to go strong at a 25-year old All-Star, bad knees and all, especially with a low-risk offer that guarantees only one-fourth of the $24 million over two years.

So now the question is, how far can a healthy Bynum take them? This is a guy who missed all of last season in Philly, and who refused to even work out for prospective buyers. But we knew about the red flags. The upside, if he can stay healthy, is enormous.

A healthy Bynum, and that means playing in at least 60 games, can take the Cavaliers from 24 wins to at least 48, right in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Assuming Kyrie and Andy can stay healthy (and yes, that's a big assumption), knowing that Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson will be better, and believing that Anthony Bennett will live up to being the first overall pick in the draft, the Cavs would be vastly improved even without Bynum. Add his skills, and size, to the mix, and now you're talking 4 of 5 seed in the East.

Better days are ahead for a franchise that spent three years reeling from The Decision. And I'm not talking about the summer of '14. I'm talking about now. The Bynum signing could be the icing on the cake.


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