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Wood County residents can save more money on summer bills

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Wood County program is helping people beat the heat while saving money on bills. They're even giving extra money to people who can prove their home is energy efficient.

Efficiency Smart is giving rebates to homeowners and businesses that are making changes to save energy. Anyone that purchases an Energy Star certified appliance could get a rebate of up to $250.

Other ways to save money include avoiding doing laundry and dishes or running the air conditioning around the clock.

Efficiency Smart employees will visit homes and businesses to check on how residents are saving energy, and tell them how to save $30-40 per month.

"Make good decisions about the use of their energy," said Ryan Fry, with Efficiency Smart. "Whether it's replacing old and outdated equipment or learning which items are using the most energy."

Doug Sampson has nearly 900 lights in his Genoa furniture store. He made the switch to LED lights and now saves $1,200 a month.

"Now I won't have bulbs blowing out with dead spots, and I'm saving energy," he said. "And I've got a bulb that's maintenance-free for 10 years."

To learn how to qualify and save money on bills, visit Efficiency Smart.

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