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Car hits house when drunk dad puts unlicensed daughter behind wheel for beer run

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo Police say a father's bad decisions ended with his car being driven into a house and him being led away in cuffs, facing charges.

Joseph Valle, Jr., told police he had one too many drinks Sunday night, so he put his unlicensed 15-year-old daughter behind the wheel for a beer run. Police say they saw Valle's car trying to turn into his driveway, but instead, it barreled through the yard and crashed into his home on Berdan.

"If your mom or your dad want to take you out, if you have your temporary driver's license and it's late at night and they're not intoxicated – I think it's fine," said neighbor Nicole Bumbera. "If you're intoxicated, not only should you not be behind the wheel, you shouldn't be giving somebody instructions behind the wheel."

Police say Valle stumbled out of the car and had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. He admitted that he had been drinking and need to restock on beer, so he asked his daughter to drive. His daughter told the officer she didn't have a license.

Neighbors, like Bumbera, are happy it didn't turn out any worse.

"Like running a person over, or running into a home where there could be little children or anything," she said.

Valle is being charged with child endangering and intoxication.

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