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Restaurant Ratings Report: West Toledo eateries serve expired food

Although the sign says "great food," health inspectors found old food at Good Times Sports Bar and Grill in west Toledo. Although the sign says "great food," health inspectors found old food at Good Times Sports Bar and Grill in west Toledo.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Whether you're at home or a restaurant, no one wants to eat expired food. But more than one west Toledo restaurant had a fridge with too many items too old to be served.

Eight violations were given to the Good Times Sports Bar and Grill. The Jackman Road location was at fault for holding food past its seven-day discard date; BBQ chicken, chili and sauce were all tossed in the garbage. Other food may not have been safe to eat either because it was found without date labels.

A visit to the freezer, and inspectors were faced with uncovered food. They also found a clean soda gun is needed after build-up has stacked up, plus personal belongings stored in a sink need to be moved.

Crystal's on Secor Road was visited by inspectors twice this month: once July 2 and then again July 8. A dishwasher at the bar was hooked up to plain household bleach, as opposed to the mandatory chlorine sanitizer. A cross-contamination scare was prevented after inspectors spotted raw bacon stored above ready-to-eat food. Beef also had to be thrown away since it was dated June 23.

Two violations were found amidst a glowing review for the Grape Leaf Express on Monroe Street. Inspectors noted build-up on soda nozzles and employee belongings stored by food. On the other hand, inspectors said it's very clean and excellent practices are in place for date marking foods.

El Vaquero on Secor Road had just one violation: an opened jar of mayonnaise was sitting at room temperature in the kitchen. Otherwise, inspectors said its facility is also clean and well organized.

Krieger's Pub on Laskey Road racked up seven violations in all. Inspectors told staff to clean the bottom of all beer coolers, especially one with rust. They were also advised to remove and replace water-damaged ceiling tiles, along with clean the ice machine and soda pop nozzles.

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