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High heat and humidity dangers

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High heat and humidity can be a dangerous combination for older adults and individuals with disabilities. With temperatures expected in the 90s this week, individuals at risk are reminded they can reduce the risk of heat-related illness by spending a few hours in air-conditioned places, such as shopping malls, public libraries or senior centers.

"Older bodies don't handle the heat like younger bodies. If people have chronic conditions, their medications can make them dehydrated and they can get in critical conditions and need medical care," explained Emile Owens, with the Area Office on Aging.

Some of the signs of heat exhaustion can be headache, sluggishness or fatigue. Officials say if you have these symptoms, you should move somewhere with air-conditioning; apply cool, wet cloths; or take small sips of water. They say if your conditions don't improve, you should call 911.

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