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Police conduct manhunt for murder suspect

A mug shot of David Zielinski in 2011 A mug shot of David Zielinski in 2011
David A. Zielinski David A. Zielinski
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo police are looking for a Swanton man they say is responsible for a murder early Sunday morning in west Toledo.

It happened at an apartment in the 1600 Block of West Central Avenue and Isabella Street.

Police say 20-year-old Michael Jackson was gunned down while sleeping. The coroner says he was shot six times, stabbed twice, and badly beaten in the head and face with a gun.

The suspect is 34-year-old David Zielinski.

Amber Hayes and Jackson lived together in the apartment. According to police, Hayes, who is the estranged wife of Zielinski, told them Zielinski killed Jackson.

Police say Hayes and Zielinski were going through a rough divorce.  In fact, she filed a police report hours before her husband went on a rampage that cost Jackson his life.

An aggravated murder warrant has been issued for Zielinski.

"He was getting his life together. We thought this girl would be a good match-up for Michael, but she got him in trouble and it cost him his life being with this girl," said Michael's mother, Pamela Jackson.

She adds her son was quiet, shy and loveable. He did odd jobs for people - anything to earn a buck.

Jackson believes Amber Hayes let Zielinski into the apartment.

"Michael was sound asleep. Zielinski went in there and shot Michael five times in his sleep," added Jackson.

Zielinski's truck was found later Sunday, but he is still on the run.

He is described as a white male with black hair and blue eyes, standing approximately 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 215 pounds.

"This man is extremely dangerous. He's already killed once. He's also shot at his wife. She's lucky to be alive. He's a person that should be dealt with only by police," said Sgt. Joe Heffernan.

Police are considering Zielinski to be armed and dangerous. If you see him or have any information related to the case, call CrimeStopper at 419-255-1111.

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  • Police conduct manhunt for murder suspectMore>>

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