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Does it Work: Magic Mesh

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Ifyou feel like you're constantly going in and out of your back door on summerdays, there's a product that promises to help you do it with ease. Magic Meshis designed to help you let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out, but does itwork?

Whetheryou're lounging by the pool or firing up the grill, it's nice to get outdoors.But all that traffic in and out can mean bugs where you don't want them.

Mattand Tammy spend a lot of time with their kids and dog going in and out, so werecruited them to test out the Magic Mesh.

Thebox says it installs in seconds, but it actually took about 10 minutes. Youstart by aligning the magnets, then finding the center of the door. Velcroattached the mesh to the door frame, but the Velcro is not as strong as themagnets, and areas came loose several times while they tried to put the Velcro stripson the side.

Onceit was ready to go, we put the screen to the test with Claire and Paige. Asthey went through, the screen was getting caught and not closing all the way.

"Itwas only about an inch or inch-and-a-half too long, which caused it to drag onthe outside carpeting," said Matt. "And as soon as it started to drag, themagnets weren't strong enough to pull it back together."

Theirdoor was 80 inches tall, which is the standard height. Tammy found some bobbypins to help hold it up, and it worked better after that.

Thebox promises that Magic Mesh works great for pets, too, so we recruited theirdog Shaggy. He seemed to have no hesitation or problem.

Therewere still a few times when the magnets didn't quite snap back together, whichisn't ideal for keeping bugs out.

"Sometimesit doesn't close all the way, but for just ease going back and forth, I wouldgive it a B," Tammy said.

TheMagic Mesh, which sells for $14.99, snaps up a passing grade in this Does itWork test.

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