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Missing girl mix-up leads to cyberbullying

Conner Buse, 16, just thought he was spending the day with a couple of friends. Conner Buse, 16, just thought he was spending the day with a couple of friends.

(WMC-TV) - Concerns of a missing Germantown teen's supposed disappearance spread rapidly on social media Monday night. Photos and missing posters were shared through emails, tweets, and Facebook posts.

Police revealed Tuesday that the 15-year-old was never missing. But one of her friends received plenty of blame and hurtful messages on social media regarding the situation.

Conner Buse, 16, just thought he was spending the day with a couple of friends – one of them including the 15-year-old girl. The night of the missing reports, Buse sent out a tweet that said she had been with him all day.

"I was just shocked so many people hurting me harassing me for something I didn't do," said Buse. "Most of them I know. I thought they were my friends ... completely turned on me."

Conner told police he, the girl, and his friend spent much of the day swimming at his friend's house whose parents were at home. He did not find out about the missing reports until 10 p.m. Police said the girl was angry with her mother and would not answer her phone all day.

"I freaked out of course," said mother Angie Buse. "If I had known and Conner had known they were having prayer vigils for her ... They had reported her missing ... We would have definitely contacted the Germantown police."

Conner said he tweeted after the reports because he did not want anyone to be worried. But after that tweet things got vicious on social media when people did not believe Conner's story.

He was accused of kidnapping and drugging the girl.

"Hang Conner Buse ... Kick Conner Buse out of Memphis ... kill Conner Buse ... I need to leave the country," said Conner describing the messages.

It all hurts Conner who will undergo a kidney transplant in about a month.

"It breaks my heart," said Angie.

The father of the 15-year-old girl sent out a tweet thanking people for their concern. But also said there has been a lot of misinformation. The father wrote:

"One rumor that must be dispelled is that a young gentleman, Conner Buse, did something inappropriate. He did nothing wrong. Please stop forwarding hateful messages."

Germantown police have the names of many of the people who sent those messages.

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