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National exterminating company says bed bugs in Cleveland are prevalent

In a new survey released by the bug company Terminix, Cleveland ranks as the eighth worst when it comes to the increase number of people calling with bed bug problems.

Karen Butler, Director of the Department of Public Health in Cleveland, has seen the Terminix exterminators report and says the numbers don't jive. Terminix claims bed bugs calls for help are up 36% from this time last year.

"That reflects the experience of one company," says Butler. "Here in the city of Cleveland our numbers don't reflect that type of significant increase."

The city shows calls are down about 20%.

But bottom line the bed bug, blood suckers, are here and with this being the height of summer vacation season, that means hotel rooms.

"Start looking, start looking everywhere and just be a very vigilant before you get settled in," advises  Butler.

Your very first move should be to peel back those sheets, look in the cracks and crevasses for the bugs themselves or the brown spotted trail they leave behind.

"While bedbugs get their name from being located in mattresses and all, they could be behind pictures they could be in the cracks of the floorboards. They can be behind the electrical outlets. They can essentially be everywhere," says Butler.

Another tip, don't leave your suitcases, purses, shoes and clothes on the floor. When you pack to leave be just as thorough as when you got there.

"When you're collecting items from say the dresser drawers, those types of things you really want to pay close attention because your, again these little guys can hitch hike," according to Butler.

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