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Springfield Twp storm damage: One year later


One year ago, storms ripped through Springfield Township, causing thousands of dollars in damage and even killing one man. Now, it's hard to tell that neighborhood saw such devastation.

"It just started to rain, and then it got really black. Then 45 seconds later, the wind came and it lasted for about 30 seconds," said Dennis Waldrogel, describing the storm. "Then it was over with and you walked outside and you couldn't believe it."

Things look a lot different now than they did one year ago, after storms ripped up trees and tossed them back down like twigs. Some ended up in people's homes, one on top of a car, killing a man.

Residents in Springfield Township were bruised, but they say they weren't broken.

"What I saw, more than anything else, was just a real resolve to not just sit back and do nothing and feel sorry for themselves," said Bob Bethel. "Instead, they jumped in and started to clean up."

The mess cost the city about $50,000 to clean up. After a few weeks, things started to return to normal. Residents say the storms turned the place upside down, but also brought them together.

"You can't say it's like a [Hurricane] Katrina, or anything, but the neighborhood really came together to help out everybody else," Waldrogel said.

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