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Expansion planned for Wood County jail

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Itcosts hundreds of thousands of dollars to deal with the jail overcrowdingissues the Wood County Justice Center has faced for years, so the facility ispreparing for an expansion.

Whenall 150 beds inside the jail are full, buses are loaded with inmates who haveto be transported to neighboring county jails. Over the years, that cost hasbecome a problem.

"We'vebeen spending well over $100,000 a year to house inmates in other countiesbecause we run out of bed space," explained Wood County Sheriff MarkWasylyshyn.

Manytimes, there hasn't been enough space to house the overflow of inmates in otherjails, either.

"Wehave had times where our jail has been full and I've called other sheriff's andthey don't have any bed space," Wasylyshyn said. "Especially female bed space,that's been very difficult to get."

Sothe jail is adding 75 new beds. They will be inside the old work industriesbuilding, right next to the jail. Using the currently empty space will becheaper than building new.

"It'salmost a 50 percent increase in the size of our jail, which should help us forquite a few years," the sheriff said.

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