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Northbound lanes reopen on Detroit Avenue after sinkhole

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Repairs are continuing at the intersection of Detroit Avenue and Bancroft Street following a sinkhole that developed Thursday afternoon. 

Crews worked through the July 4 holiday to clear debris from the sinkhole, remove blockages from the combined sewer system and identify the source of the collapse. 

As of 10 a.m. Friday, the status of the repairs is as follows:

-Northbound lanes have been reopened to traffic on Detroit. Southbound lanes remain closed. The eastbound curb lane and westbound turn lane of Bancroft remain closed, but all other lanes are open to traffic.

-Crews are continuing to work on repairs to the combined sewer and 6-inch water line.

-Water service was temporarily disconnected to approximately 25 customers and restored Wednesday immediately following the incident. Those customers do remain on a boil advisory and city crews are continuing to evaluate when that advisory will expire; no definite time has been established. 

-The sewer is operating on a bypass system, providing for storm and sanitary sewer service to the area.

-Water and sewer repairs are expected to be completed early next week and pavement restoration is expected to be completed mid to late next week.

Crews are working Friday to remove excess dirt and debris from the sinkhole. They are also pouring in controlled density fill, which is a self-compacting, cement-like material to add stability for the new pavement. It sets quickly and provides stability similar to compacted fill dirt.

"We'll backfill up to the water line. We hope to repair the water line tomorrow morning. At that point, we'll backfill the hole completely and start to finish the pavement work that needs to be done," said Tim Murphy, acting director of Toledo Public Utilities.

On Thursday, it was determined a broken cross-over sewer line that connected two other lines caused the pavement to collapse. That line has been eliminated, but the other two lines will be examined to see if they have additional issues.

"The cross-over section's going to be eliminated from this, that's what we felt was the failure," explained Murphy.

Murphy says it is still too early to determine a cost for the damage and repair. He says it will likely be the middle to the end of next week before all of the repairs are done.

"The size of it, and the busy road, makes for urgency and a difficult repair job," said Murphy.

City crews and contractors will continue to work through the weekend at the site on this established schedule:

-On Friday, crews will begin breaking down the bypass pump that has served to provide sanitary and storm service, while the 30-inch and 36-inch combine sewer was repaired and debris cleared from the line. Contractors will also be on site to backfill the sinkhole with controlled density fill.

-On Saturday, crews will be on site with vactor trucks to continue cleaning the two combined sewer lines. Utility workers will also be on site working on the six-inch water line.

-Crews will remain on site Sunday to monitor flow of the repaired sewer lines and maintain safety and security of the site. The boil advisory issued to residents of the area will expire Sunday.

-On Monday, utility crews will finalize the water line repair and remove water service from bypass back to the permanent water line. Contractors from AT&T and Columbia Gas will also be on site to inspect telephone and gas lines at the site and evaluate any potential impact.

-On Tuesday, pavement restoration is expected to begin if no additional work is necessary to stabilize or repair utility services impacted at the site.

A perimeter barrier continues to be in effect for the safety and security of the public and citizens are asked not to cross the barrier or interfere with the repair operations. Further updates will be issued as work progresses or status changes surrounding the repair schedule.


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