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Pet owner injured after dog is mauled, vicious attack dogs are set to be released

A west side dog owner is recovering from his own injuries and mourning the loss of his pet. Now he is worried that the two dogs behind the attack will do it again.

Bob Pappin is a long time, loving dog owner but there's one less pet in his West 130th Street household after two neighborhood dogs mauled his Border Collie mix, Shasta.

"My one dog went on the grass to do her business. I was attempting to let my other dog out and I heard a squeal, turned around and my dog was being attacked by a Pit Bull and a Bull Mastiff," said Bob.

When he tried to free his dog, the pit and mastiff turned on him.  His hand, heel and leg were torn up. "They dragged me into the street," added Bob.

Shasta, suffered a fatal spinal cord injury and had to be put down. Pappin is not only saddened, but also left with a nearly $2,000 in vet and hospital bills. 

When 19 Action News tried to reach the attacking dogs' owners, they were not available to answer questions.

The dogs have now been temporarily quarantined at the city kennel with other dangerous animals. Pappin fears for young children and other pets on his block.

"8-week-old Chihuahua next door, this guy has a Beagle puppy across the street, this woman over here has a Chihuahua. That would be just a snack to them dogs," said Bob.

He says he doesn't want to see these dogs put down, but doesn't want them returned to their owner either.

"Just don't believe this owner is responsible. I went down the street, she doesn't meet the criteria to own a Pit Bull. As far as regulations, it's supposed to be in a 5-to-6 ft fence, locked. And there's no fence on the property," added Bob.

But the fact is, when the owner can come up with the necessary fees and fines, the dogs will be released, and back in Pappin's neighborhood. 

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