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Editorial: Diane Stover

Diane Stover Diane Stover
(WOIO) -

I am Diane Stover, President of Northeast Ohio Values Voters.

The Supreme Court affirmed last week that the definition of marriage is a matter of state law; not federal law.  

In Ohio, the voters have already decided that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman. 

Ohio has a defense of marriage amendment and we are not experimenting with marriage here as some other states have done. 

The Supreme Court decision does not affect Ohio's definition of marriage. 

Judeo/Christian religions teach that marriage is a holy and religious institution ordained by God. 

Even if we put our faith to the side for a moment, doesn't nature itself teach that a man and a woman together create children?

Everyone knows that the roles of mom and dad are both important and having both roles are best for raising children.

If the issue of marriage comes before the voters again in 2014, opponents of natural marriage should be ready for a lively debate. 

Ohioans have already decided this issue of marriage and, if needed, will affirm it once again.   

Thank you.

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