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How to keep your pet calm during firework displays

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Many dogs, and even some cats, are afraid of the bright flashes and loud booms of fireworks displays. The Toledo Area Humane Society even says they see a spike in the number of run-away dogs around Independence Day.

Below are some tips to help keep your pet calm and happy during a fireworks display.

Reduce the effects of light and noise

Put your pet in an interior room, or draw the blinds to minimize the amount of light and sound coming into the room. If your pet uses a crate, place a blanket over the cage to muffle the sounds and block flashes of light.

Drown out the noise

Help drown out the noise with other sounds your pet is familiar with. Turn on the radio or television, or use a white noise generator.

Keep your pet comfortable

Give your pet food and water, and try to keep them in a familiar environment. Get them toys to play with during the fireworks and keep the lights in the room on.

For high-anxiety pets

Some pets can't be kept calm with these methods. For those pet with high-anxiety, special clothing is available. "Thunder shirts" wrap around a pet and shield him or her from the vibrations created by fireworks. Vets may also be able to

Be sure to check your yard for remnants of fireworks before letting your pet outside after the display.

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